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Delta printing outside the triangle

Posted by Colydog 
Delta printing outside the triangle
March 06, 2020 05:26PM
I have been designing a delta printer in my head for a while now and have read a lot of contradictory information about ratios and angles but most of that I can figger out with geometry and cad. The one thing I cant work out is if you can print outside the theoretical triangle of the 3 verticals. i have sketched a quick very basic delta looking top down ignoring gantry and effector offsets and arm spacing. I understand all the delta movements inside the triangle but movement outside of it has me confused.I have a simple question that will answer everything for me tho.

When you cross the threshold of the triangle do 2 of the carriages that were going up start coming back down?

If yes it all makes sense if no then it cant print outside the triangle (maybe)?

open | download - simplified top down delta.png (93.7 KB)
Re: Delta printing outside the triangle
March 07, 2020 06:03AM
You can a lot outside of the triangle if your arms are long enough and the ball joints have enough freedom to the sides.
Re: Delta printing outside the triangle
March 07, 2020 02:11PM
As you say, the other two carriages change direction as you cross the edge of the triangle.

Your maximum extent is when one of the rods is horizontal i.e. an arc with a radius of your rod length and centred on the ball-joint of that tower. The maximum length of a rod is then the distance between the towers, less a bit for the size of the effector. If you were careful with your object design and position and had a large range in the angles of the ball-joints, I guess you could even exceed that? Of course, when you lengthen the rods, you sacrifice some height. The carriage with the horizontal rod has to move large distances for small changes in the effector position... this may limit your printing speed.
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