UV-cured Bondo for 3d printing?
May 11, 2012 12:11PM
Has anyone tried using Bondo (automotive body filler) for printing? It's such fantastic material for making things, and when I learned there was a UV-cured version (versus the traditional liquid hardener mix version) I wondered if maybe it wouldn't be perfect for 3d printing. You could have the printer ooze out liquid Bondo instead of plastic and then have a UV laser (or just a very focused UV light) shine directly at the work under the extruder. The beauty of Bondo would be its a) cheapness, b) hardness, and c) surface finish (perfect for sanding, painting, etc.).

Anyone try this or know of trials or want to try?

Re: UV-cured Bondo for 3d printing?
December 01, 2012 09:44AM
It may be possible. I have a feeling it could be weak and crack easy.
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