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Gallium Indium Alloy and slicer problems

Posted by PeteBlackerThe3rd 
Gallium Indium Alloy and slicer problems
August 10, 2013 05:08AM
Hi There,

I'm currently testing a simple syringe extruder loaded with Gallium Indium alloy. It should be perfect albeit slightly expensive for printing 3d circuitry. I've run into a problem with slic3r, I'm trying to set a crazy extrusion multiplier of 0.041 for my syringe extruder, it's on a multi-material mendel so I can't set this in firmware!

Slic3r is completely ignoring that setting. I've tried some wildly different values and had a look in the Gcode and it hasn't affected the E values at all!

Does anyone know if this is a bug or deliberate feature in slic3r?

Also does anyone have any ideas how I can generate multiple extruder gcode with one extruder setup very differently to the other?

Cheers for any help,


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