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GEN 7 V1.5 upgrade

Posted by zayoo 
GEN 7 V1.5 upgrade
February 15, 2021 04:55PM

After six years of flawless work and one upgrade(LCD, knob and better supply), time is come for another upgrade.
I successfully upgrade GEN 7 V1.5 procesor 1284P to ESP 32 devkit V1. Now GEN 7 is running on Marlin 2.0 with ESP3D.
Only change on the original board was trow-out of ATX connector and adapting to modified ATX supply stable 14V,15A, actually that was before ESP upgrade.
Now for ESP compatibility 5V psu GEN 7 supply line is dropped to 3.3V with step down converter.
Proto board stack on old DIP40 and on it is ESP32.
On board is two filters with pull up resistor for endstops and one optocoupler for my Z probing inductive sensor, 74HCT08B for driving MOSFET-s and SD slot. Only one extra line was needed for supplying 5V for fet-s driver.
Still there is some issues which are not so critical:
-I'm not satisfy with ADC converters on ESP
-temperature can not go below 20°C
-additionally filters on ESP for ADC-s needed
-PID auto tune doesn't work as suppose, M303 gives wrong values so I use old ones from 1248P.

I have no more time to solve this and I get functionality so this will wait.

This was quite a challenge. smiling smiley

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