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Interesting Video - Staubli SCARA Robot

Posted by martinprice2004 
Interesting Video - Staubli SCARA Robot
March 06, 2013 08:34AM
Whilst working on my single arm SCARA robot I came across this video which I though I would post to show the potential speed and accuracy of these robots.

If anyone has and details or images of how the end Z axis is implemented (it can plunge in Z and can rotate) please post any links.

Re: Interesting Video - Staubli SCARA Robot
March 06, 2013 08:51AM
... should be a combination of a linear drive, driving a rotating tube, that is coupled to a small motor with toothbelt, turning the hollow tube.

In my manual SMT pick-n-placer (left device attached image) is a small head, positioned in Z and rotated with a parallel stick - can take some images of the internals, if wished ...

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Re: Interesting Video - Staubli SCARA Robot
March 06, 2013 04:14PM
There seems to be a few ways its done.

One method

It took me a while to figure this particular one out, it looks like the Z axis is a large pitch lead screw, the slow motion part of the video shows it.

I think you may drive the lead screw directly with one motor and the lead screw nut with another.

1) Both motors turning the same direction. The shaft just spins with no rise or fall.
2) Turning in opposite directions the shaft either rises or falls. It actually goes twice the speed of the motors in Z and uses both motors to do it which is neat.

Its sort of similar in concept to the H-bot belt if I have it correct.

Now is this possible with RepRap bits?

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Re: Interesting Video - Staubli SCARA Robot
March 06, 2013 07:18PM
Considering the speed of the thing and the sudden stops and go, I would bet on pneumatic combined linear and rotary jack. After all, Staubli has been the best the european specialist in that domain only for 50 years winking smiley and they used this kind of actuator heavily in they textile dobby looms and weavers.
Re: Interesting Video - Staubli SCARA Robot
March 08, 2013 02:39AM
I had some old pneumatics made by them left over from an old job as a machinist.
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