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Debugging using Visual Studio Community 2015 and VisualMicro

Posted by tszeis 
Debugging using Visual Studio Community 2015 and VisualMicro
October 12, 2016 10:27AM
I have a new makergear-M2 3D printer that I need to make some changes to.

I installed Arduino IDE version 1.5.5, Visual Studio Community 2015 and VisualMicro. I downloaded the latest “Base Model” firmware from [makergear.wikidot.com]. I compiled and uploaded it to the printer using the Arduino IDE. I did this to confirm it was good and it worked.
I then browsed and opened the project from within Visual Studio. But when I tried to compile it in debug mode I received a compile error. It looks like the error is because the 3d firmware removes the ability to use Arduino Serial which the debugger uses in its default configuration.
Does anyone know of a work around (Hardware or software) so that I can use the debugger? Being new to this it sure would help me understand the code and make changes to the firmware.

Ref documents:
motherboard with schematics.
The site with the motherboard schematic that the file can be found.
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