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Everybody here is a developer. Share what you are doing ! 
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print error filament feed failure & subsequent rescue(face mask idea)

by kippbits
817 10 08/05/2020 07:25PM
Last Post by kippbits

Inkjet + 3d printer hybrid

by myearwood
3,677 14 07/29/2020 03:40AM
Last Post by VDX
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Stop me from making rookie mistakes - CoreXY Attachments

by Storckenfeldt
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This topic has been moved.

Polar 3D printer design Attachments

by Shadi
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3D printer hacking (Gcode help needed)

by martinfl
281 5 06/25/2020 05:17PM
Last Post by frankvdh

Belt Securing Method - wanted opinion Attachments

by zzing
448 4 06/01/2020 10:14PM
Last Post by frankvdh

Uploading gcode to my Creality Ender 3 via the serial port

by Wesley
403 10 05/31/2020 09:27PM
Last Post by Spitiemk4

Home Brew Printer Development Attachments

by Spitiemk4
585 9 05/31/2020 08:40PM
Last Post by Spitiemk4

Newbie's Questions about Voltage

by feCreation
409 6 05/31/2020 07:22PM
Last Post by Spitiemk4

Problem with Autohome AND next with Display Attachments

by gsohler
578 14 05/26/2020 04:01PM
Last Post by gsohler

The effect of deflected part cooling air on nozzle temperatures.

by deckingman
416 3 05/25/2020 06:31AM
Last Post by leadinglights

Mega2560+Marlin additional memory

by CliveB
740 5 05/18/2020 04:08PM
Last Post by kr_

Peltier module connected as platform for 3D printing, need your help confused smiley

by gyunamkd
401 1 05/06/2020 02:43PM
Last Post by gyunamkd

Nozzle height adjustment issue

by vishaksha
429 1 05/01/2020 05:35AM
Last Post by vishaksha

Need advice for making Ceramic/Concrete 3d printer Attachments

by lsy388
651 3 04/10/2020 06:37AM
Last Post by lsy388

My 6 input (5+1) mixing hot end

by deckingman
991 10 03/12/2020 04:29PM
Last Post by deckingman

idex configuration problem

by neetspeed
735 3 03/11/2020 09:31AM
Last Post by neetspeed

I've built a metal 3D printer - Is anyone interested in testing it out?

by DerM4209
842 3 03/09/2020 03:41PM
Last Post by DerM4209

Seeking help / advice

by Micromental
693 3 02/25/2020 07:42PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

ESP32 pinout - MISO on input pins working?

by newbob
650 1 02/24/2020 06:12PM
Last Post by newbob

Heated bed or Chamber PWM - set as inverted , but pins are high on reset (0C). How to set condition for PWM to be pulled Low after reset (0C) ?

by lukaari
922 4 01/30/2020 05:35AM
Last Post by Dancer

ReprapMJ 3D Printed “Prusa Style” Nylon Capable and Easy to Use 3D Printer with Full 200mm Build Size but Small Footprint. The Basic Printer Has a Hardware/Vitamin Count of One Part (the build plate).

by mikejeffs
1,247 6 01/25/2020 08:48AM
Last Post by MechaBits

Chamber PID temperature control

by lukaari
808 5 01/21/2020 04:23PM
Last Post by lukaari

Adding Some Code on Marlin Firmware

by hehenryprbo
1,629 10 01/21/2020 04:07PM
Last Post by lukaari

Start G-Code Script for toolchange

by IG88
881 2 01/15/2020 11:21AM
Last Post by dc42

publish a page in RepRap

by Reiszel
1,054 7 12/24/2019 02:34PM
Last Post by Reiszel

TMC2130 drivers no bi-directional motion

by rrcaveman
1,024 3 12/23/2019 09:24PM
Last Post by Dust

Simple linear rail cube 3D printer with Duet 2 Wifi

by perklus
1,181 3 12/13/2019 02:18PM
Last Post by perklus

St's L6470 stepper motor drivers Attachments

by erhancm
995 1 11/22/2019 02:53AM
Last Post by erhancm

Documenting a printer design on reprap.org

by MortarArt
1,158 4 11/09/2019 02:55AM
Last Post by dc42