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New Bed Leveling

22 1 06/27/2022 06:33AM
Last Post by MARKYU

Marlin and OctoPrint sharing the same display

by yet-another-average-joe
389 2 06/27/2022 06:27AM
Last Post by MARKYU

Variation of CoreXY cinematic, how to name it ?

by Alvon3DprinTor
1,251 7 06/10/2022 04:32PM
Last Post by Alvon3DprinTor

3D Printer Tester Survery

by efeerdogmus0
450 1 05/18/2022 12:08PM
Last Post by efeerdogmus0

Other uses for 3D printers

by Pippy
545 4 04/27/2022 02:36PM
Last Post by VDX

ESP32 pinout - MISO on input pins working?

by newbob
1,873 3 04/12/2022 11:30AM
Last Post by zimogt

Filament Run Out - Marlin Config

by hello_tom
506 1 04/11/2022 02:26AM
Last Post by hello_tom

How feedrate is calculated

by dpuchta
2,160 3 04/10/2022 09:08AM
Last Post by zimogt

RepRap used for farming

by boylucky
1,585 21 03/18/2022 04:52AM
Last Post by VDX

Adding another stepper to X or Y axis

by Butter
978 9 03/17/2022 12:33AM
Last Post by Dust

RX/TX Light Flashing

by dexrod
607 1 03/12/2022 11:34PM
Last Post by dexrod

Latest Marlin Software (Marlin-bugfix-2.0.x ) with TMC262C Drivers on ATMEGA2560 Attachments

by pws
785 4 02/23/2022 10:50PM
Last Post by Dust

Changing RUMBA ports from extruders to y and z axis

by dexrod
679 1 02/22/2022 04:28PM
Last Post by dexrod

smiling smileywill this hotend work? Attachments

by newbob
745 3 02/19/2022 02:07PM
Last Post by newbob

FDM 3D printer with UV Resin?

by boylucky
1,997 10 02/06/2022 03:33PM
Last Post by VDX

"Transportation" via 3D printers and scanners, and internet connection

by spike_spiegel
967 6 01/27/2022 03:42AM
Last Post by VDX

X-axis motor together with the Extruder Attachments

by fabiobreu
920 3 01/20/2022 06:30AM
Last Post by Butter

ESP32 Printer Board   (Pages: 1 ... 9 10 11)

by CthulhuLabs
52,614 309 01/02/2022 03:17PM
Last Post by JustAnotherOne

The world's first 6 input, single nozzle, multi-material hot end?

by deckingman
1,315 3 12/07/2021 10:55AM
Last Post by deckingman

Implementation of G2/3 moves in custom firmware

by lukeb28
1,193 1 11/27/2021 02:07PM
Last Post by lukeb28

Introducing: Luna - 3D Printer Controller with On-board WiFi and Ethernet

by likha3d
2,541 7 11/24/2021 04:41PM
Last Post by likha3d

Pretty crazy PET-G melt (volumetric flow) rate

by deckingman
1,181 3 11/20/2021 04:40AM
Last Post by deckingman

Inverting directions for mixing extruder

by acastles91
1,472 2 11/10/2021 10:17AM
Last Post by deckingman

Help defining custom M code for inserting a new move

by aquabook
1,202 1 10/11/2021 02:27PM
Last Post by aquabook

X axis of vibration at low speed

by paycz
2,821 3 09/25/2021 04:33PM
Last Post by septameno

Marlin 2.0.x M42 command is not working

by sairfan1
1,615 3 09/09/2021 02:27PM
Last Post by sairfan1

Melzi 4

by johnleach2000
1,456 1 09/02/2021 05:56PM
Last Post by johnleach2000

Yeah Racing rod-ends better than Traxxis?

by shadowphile
1,468 1 08/29/2021 11:39PM
Last Post by shadowphile

Getting rid of Extuder Retraction in Bowden Systems

by Pops668
1,629 1 08/09/2021 05:53PM
Last Post by Pops668

Design input: hot end adapter PCB (fault monitoring, etc.)

by MaxStein
1,639 1 08/07/2021 03:51AM
Last Post by MaxStein