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My custom printer

Posted by fromhun 
My custom printer
March 27, 2018 03:04PM
Dear 3D printer professionals.
After 3 year I'm planing to build my own printer. I'm curios what do you think of my ideas. My mainboard will be a Ramps 1.4 on 24V. I'm planning to run the arduino through a rasberry pi whitch run octoprint with a camera, touch screen and wifi setup maybe later with other daughter arduino boards with fireprotection purposes. I will need 2 Z motor 2 Y 2X and planning to have 4 extruder later but I want to start with 2 on different X cardige.I'm planning to use DRV8825 drivers and after some calculation I found out 42BYGHM809 would be fine for me. What do you think with this stepper driver will be okay for me? I want to use some kind of pancake stepper for my direct drive extruders whitch will be home made titan aero like extruders with vulcano hotend. Can you advice any good solution for this ? My build plate would be 400x400 and I want to control it through an SSR relay . It is important to run at least two plus servo motor and a BCN touch sensor. I know I want way to much steppers would you be so kind and recommend an extender board for it? Do you think I will have enough output on the ramps1.4 for this? I think if the rasberry pi solution works fine i dont need a screen on ramps any more soo maybe this will give me more free output. Do you see any problem with my ideas? Later I maybe want a 15W laser on it. Thank you for your answers and critics.
Re: My custom printer
March 27, 2018 05:04PM
Forget about using RAMPS with 10 motors.

For all the motors and functionality as for all the time you'll be spendign for this very special solution - just get yourself a DUET Board. Has every single of your wishes included.
I personally never used DUET because it is way to expensove to me - but if I would want to build a printer as you describe it, I'd use one

DC42 can tell you everything about this board.
Re: My custom printer
March 28, 2018 06:53AM
Thank you for your answer .I know the duet wifi would be the best solution for me but as you said it is expensive and I'm trying to find a cheaper soution.
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