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Tweaking Marlin to run a Convoyer XY printer from an SD card

Posted by xdarko 
Tweaking Marlin to run a Convoyer XY printer from an SD card
November 16, 2018 08:57PM
Hi everybody,

So I am working on a convoyer type XY core 3D printer that uses a Kapton covered belt (MKS Gen 1.4 based on ATmega 2560) . I need a way to modify the firmware which is in my case "Marlin" in order to make it possible for me to print all the 3D files (which are converted into G-Codes individually) loaded in the SD card. In other words, after finishing the read and execute process of a file (G-Code), it automatically goes to the next file and does the same until all the files are already been processed. I will modify the end script of the G-codes in order to eject each print before proceeding.

I just need an instruction that tells the Arduino to jump to the next file after the finishing .

Thank you.

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Re: Tweaking Marlin to run a Convoyer XY printer from an SD card
May 19, 2019 01:14AM
A long time ago in a galaxy far away, there was some experimenting with this idea. MakerBot even put a conveyor belt system on the cupcake. It was terrible, like almost everything about the cupcake printer. I don't think they ever got automated serial prints going. Just auto eject. Looks like you could get something similar with M23 and M24 if you know the name of the file you want to print next ahead of time. I don't see a way to just print whatever the next file on the SD card happens to be. http://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/M026.html

It may be that there are software solutions that would do this kind of thing for you. I think there are quite a few bot farm management solutions that are supposed to have a que system.


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