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print error filament feed failure & subsequent rescue(face mask idea)

Posted by kippbits 
print error filament feed failure & subsequent rescue(face mask idea)
May 08, 2020 01:15AM
Hello all, it's been a few years since my last post. and I did take a bit of a break from 3d design for a couple years there although recently I have returned to it(in part as a result of coronavirus). this past week I started working on a design for a face mask respirator idea, although I had a problem on my print for the template I will use to assemble the masks. It's basically a cone, and I'd probably make it on a lathe out of wood(if I owned a lathe), but 3d printing it was a close second. It was supposed to take 8 hours to print on my Mendel 3, although when I awoke on the couch at 7 am i discovered that at some point, aprox. 2/3-3/4 way through, my printer stopped extruding. there was an error in the web interface: "AJAX error..." although I'm not sure this really tells me anything, and I'm not sure it has anything to do with my extrusion problem. ...it also said "disconnected" at 4:33 am; does this mean anything? I was kind of suspecting a physical tangle in the spool(i need to get a better spindle holder setup): when I took off my feed drive coupling i could see a whole bunch of PLA shavings stuck in the drive gear. ...also i did some initial drive tests, that indicated the the filament wasn't grabbing(i should inspect more for a tensioner screw). anyway, I backed out all the filament, and cut and cleaned a new tip, cleaned off the drive gear, and the extruder, re-fed, and tested extrusion a bit; didn't seam clogged. So I approximated and printed the remainder of my print, and then welded it all together with my soldering iron; it's not to the exact original specifications anymore, but it will do i think. I cut a few test masks from newspaper on my laser engraver(still setting it up: benbox converted to laserGRBL), and it fits my face pretty well; i'm thinking once it's cut from melt-blown polyethylene, and with a wire frame holder and strap i'll be able to get a good fit.

...looking at some vacuum bags and air filters for material. ...so what is the final word about fiber glass in all this stuff? ...fact or fiction? I did a quick flame test on my bags and filter, and it all melted like plastic, aside from the paper layer on the bags, which burned like paper. ...how does fiberglass burn by the way?

here are some picture links and thing files:

imgur progress photos: [imgur.com]

thingiverse facemask thing: [www.thingiverse.com]
Re: print error filament feed failure & subsequent rescue(face mask idea)
May 08, 2020 03:46AM
Fiber glass would not be allowed in these bags. They are supposed to contain the dust and prevent it from going through the turbine and be dispersed back in the air !

As most are made in China, and they are known for flooding the world with all kind of junks, pollutants whatever, even virus (in fact this kind of export goes back a few centuries) smiling smiley

By the time you make this 3D printed "form" you can make a supply of masks that will last till you can get good ones !

Anyway I stick with my 3M masks

"A comical prototype doesn't mean a dumb idea is possible" (Thunderf00t)
Re: print error filament feed failure & subsequent rescue(face mask idea)
May 08, 2020 03:39PM
I had a supply of good masks for using around the shop(and also while I do some repairs underneath my building). But they were all "confiscated" by my Mom, so she could send them to my brother. He is a doctor at a big hospital. winking smiley

...the form does take a bit of time to print(8 hours). perhaps it could be thinner, although I wanted it to be fairly ridged. I thought a form would kind of help with the assembly process(not everyone is so dextrous).

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Re: print error filament feed failure & subsequent rescue(face mask idea)
May 16, 2020 04:11PM
I made a filament spindle holder: https://imgur.com/a/5XHRzTC

...perhaps i'll try and make a better one later, although for now hopefully I won't have any more hang-ups & failed prints.

Also here's the progress on the mask so far: https://imgur.com/a/SlPLiTD

I ended up cutting up a 3M Filtrete home air filter for the filter material; I found this easiest to cut out using a knife and a paperboard stencil, and then shaped and solder/welded into cones(i'm using 2 layers per mask). I'm using food-grade butcher paper for the perforated mask liners(cut via laser engraver). I sort of dropped my idea about bending/shaping medium gauge wire into a mask holder, and have instead used hardware cloth for version 1 mask holder(with a shoestring strap). hopefully that gets me back to business.
Re: print error filament feed failure & subsequent rescue(face mask idea)
June 02, 2020 01:29PM
I'm still working on a better way to strap it to my face. the latest version I made bending wire over my peg form. There's still some kinks to iron out with the design, although it's definitely an improvement over hardware cloth(not so prickly). also i'm having a rethink about my paper liners; I'm wondering if they are possibly providing some sort of growth medium. they were just there to keep from inhaling spindly polypropylene fibers, although the current filter material I am using(filtrete1900) turns out is not that spindly. Also, the mask in it's current form makes me feel just about as sick as wearing a reused old N95 mask. Perhaps I need higher rated filter material... I'm also experimenting some with different cutout svg's for different shape faces; i think a good fit should definitely not be overlooked.

final update?: The remaining issues to figure out, are getting further&further away from 3D printing, unless I decide to go with a printed mask holder, although I'm still leaning towards a wire frame(perhaps thicker gauge). The forms I printed thus far seem to work as intended and probably wont need any changes, so I don't expect there to be much more 3d print related updates, and I'll probably post further updates in either thingiverse or imgur. ...I sort of wish my masks weren't all confiscated/donated(I hope they at least got to the right place). ...groundhogs & rats are back to their usual business, so my workshop is basically unbearable right now. ...hopefully I can get this prototype working properly, and then maybe clean it up(too many different projects around ...also other life problems ...wish I could get some real treatment for my foot and hand). looks like I need to go back to the store, although my car is sort of busted... looks like this might be the last update for awhile...
Re: print error filament feed failure & subsequent rescue(face mask idea)
June 26, 2020 10:11AM
for coneheads?

Re: print error filament feed failure & subsequent rescue(face mask idea)
July 12, 2020 06:47PM
final(final)update: I did a little more work on my masks recently(i also had the occasion to where one all day long). I've found the mask works well since switching to cut-up home-air-filters. I discovered Casa brand vacuum bags contain an anitfungal agent(which gave me stomach cramps), so i switched to cutting up Filtrete 1900 home air filters(seems to work pretty good, and I need to make more). I also discovered that the the paper liners are not really necessary. I still haven't perfected the holder; i'm thinking of going with a single thick gauge wire hoop that i form around my face, although for now the little wire cage thing i made is working ok. ...still dealing with the groundhog and rats...although i'm working on it...and taxes(really wish my finger weren't still busted).

...I've also been working some on making homebrew-handsanitizer(including a 3d printed component), although wouldn't really recommend getting into it; it's been a tough project, also there's the legal issues, although right now there is a tax amnesty going on for licensed producers to make hand sanitizer(FWIW).

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Re: print error filament feed failure & subsequent rescue(face mask idea)
July 28, 2020 06:59PM
Your going to poke someone's eye's out with it.

Re: print error filament feed failure & subsequent rescue(face mask idea)
August 03, 2020 08:40PM
hey who keeps bumping my post to the top of the list? stop it!

...btw i did an update: new holder fits much better now. it's basically a double loop of medium gauge wire, that i form fit to my face, plus some elastic straps. And don't be dumb and poke your eye out: always wear safety glasses when cutting wire... and then make sure to fasten the loop in such a way that it doesn't come undone later.

take care, be safe, & have fun!

p.s. I didn't want to make a stir, ...but is that guy smoking something?
Re: print error filament feed failure & subsequent rescue(face mask idea)
August 05, 2020 07:25PM
sorry, let me bump myself again, and apologies for any suspicious accusations; it's entirely possible I am simply a suspicious person...

...anyway, apparently i've been using this site wrong. is it fixed now?

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