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Initial motor testing

Posted by owism8 
Initial motor testing
April 20, 2011 07:49PM
Hello all,

Im starting up the huxley right now. I am trying to jog the drives just to make sure they work first smoothly.

-They either move in one direction and not the other or they make the buzzing noise (motor being stuck) but by hand the carriages move fine (x,y).
-The motor lights changed from Green to Red... is that a bad thing?
Appreciate any help

Re: Initial motor testing
April 21, 2011 12:56PM
Ok I found some answers and I'll put them here

Red/Green: The red and green lights are switch when the motor is stepped. If its stepped once itll go to the other color, stepped again itll come back to the other color.

Motors: The initial reason why all my motors were stuck was because the belts were getting snagged somewhere SO CHECK YOUR BELTS

Reason 2 - The gears are slipping off the motors (I was advised to buy some polyurethane glue to keep it on)

Y axis not going in other direction - I checked my wiring of the optos and made sure I crimped the connections correctly, after pressing down some more into the crimping plastic thing, The y axis works now pretty well. THe only reason it lags is because the Gear is slipping off the motor axle.

I will go buy some Polyurethane glue now.

I'm glade im having all these problems, itll make the next repraps alot easier.
Re: Initial motor testing
April 22, 2011 09:48AM
Got some success on the axis. [vimeo.com]

One cog fell off after the test. Then i glued it back on after sanding the axle on the motor. I'll post pics and such up on a blog soon.
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