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Huxley endstop

Posted by cmora111 
Huxley endstop
April 05, 2020 06:51PM
Hi I have a reprap huxley that was bought around 2004, It was never put together. I am in the process of putting it together and have come to a point where I am installing the endstops. The Y endstop does not appear to have any part of the bed hit it to trigger it to stop. Could someone post a picture of their Huxley with the bed hitting the endstop so I can see where I went wrong. There are just no pictures out there.

Re: Huxley endstop
May 02, 2020 07:33AM
Do you mean 2014?

Any way the Y axis micro switch goes on the rear of the Huxley between the Y motor and one of the rods. It will be near the rod that has the Y carriage that has two (rather than one) bearings. When the Bed goes back the rear most bearing on the Y carriage will hit the microswitch causing an endstop.

You can see the position of the Y end stop in the 'Y end stop instructions' here [reprap.org]

And the white rearmost bearing on the Y carriage (shown here [reprap.org]) is what hits the end stop. If everything is in the right place as per the instructions it will just work. You will hear the switch click when the bed is manually (with power off) pushed back.

If that still makes no sense i will try to take a picture of mine.

Re: Huxley endstop
August 07, 2020 08:23AM
Well, I figured out why the endstop is not hitting the the carriage, the bed, at the fully up position is hitting the y motor bracket and not allowing the bed to go fully back. I've looked at everything and can't figure out why the bed is hitting the y motor bracket. Everything looks to be setup right.
Re: Huxley endstop
August 07, 2020 08:30AM
Hard to tell without photos.

The mdf bed had a cutout underneath so that it rides over the top of the motor bracket, you do have the bed on the right way around? And you have not tightened the springs down so tight it cant get over the top?

I have since changed my controller board to one with tmc2209s and use sensorless homing but never had an issue with the old setup.
Re: Huxley endstop
August 26, 2020 07:47PM
Oh man!! You are right, I put the hotbed on backwards. The cutout is on the wrong side!!

Thank you very much!!
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