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Some questions about RepSnapper and Prusa Gen7

Posted by danx3 
Some questions about RepSnapper and Prusa Gen7
September 27, 2011 06:21AM
I was test Reprap Host but having several troubles with gcode generation and skeinforge is dificult for me due i'm noob. ReplicatorG doesnt communicate with my prusa (yet).
My hardware is a prusa mendel with wade extruder 0.5mm with ABS 3mm white filament running with a Gen7 v1.2 FiveD electronics and 3 optos. Latest repsnapper compiled for windows in my XP SP2 running.

My prusa runs fine except some stuffs:

* My prusa mendel have a USB to TTL device wich repsnapper reset each "connect" button but unable to connect. I disconnect wire for Reset an then looks works due no more timeouts but sometimes stop printing gcode on medium print sizes. Runs fine on little pieces. when stops print, i see gargable data from comm ┬┐does anyone know what happend? was try reducing comm port buffers in repsnapper config. when print the gcode generated with repsnapper with repraphost, it works fine.

* When Z moving or going from a piece to other, some filamente is droped. Does repsnapper a option for retract filament between pieces or layers for prevent this undesired drop of plastic?

* Some options isn't save to options file like temperature or comm buffers. d u know what happend?

Thanks to all. Really like repsnapper. Easy to config, moving and duplicate pieces, and fast gcode generation.

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