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"Set Home" button missing in Windows version

Posted by RetireeJay 
"Set Home" button missing in Windows version
May 30, 2013 11:01AM
Although I do not have a Printrbot Simple, I am active in the Printrbottalk forum and trying to support many people who do have Simples. The Simple has no "zero" switches, so the printhead must be located at 0,0,0 manually and then the software told that this is so. It's easy enough on the Printrboard - just power down and back up.

In Repetier for the MAC there is a "Set Home" button which allows you to tell Repetier that the printer is at the home position. But if there is such a button in the Windows version, I have not been able to find it!

Please implement the "Set Home" button for Repetier Windows! It will be a huge help to hundreds of Printrbot Simple users, and I imagine that others will appreciate it too.

In fact, I sometimes need to play around with my Z setting (who doesn't), using G92 -- and it's disconcerting that Repetier thinks my Z is in one place when my Printrboard thinks it's in another. If Repetier Windows had a "Set Home" button it would make my life easier. Even better would be a "Sync to Current Position" in which Repetier simply reads the position (M114) and plugs the returned values into its own internal representation of the current position.

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