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X Motor Malfunction, Please Help

Posted by CyberJupiter 
X Motor Malfunction, Please Help
December 29, 2018 04:48AM
Fair warning: this is my first 3D printer. I don’t know a ton about the stuff involved, I have done some looking on the interwebs to attempt to resolve the problem on my own, but to no avail.

I’ve recently assembled my OneUp printer, which I’ve had partially assembled in my attic for years. Finally decided to finish. Finished that and then got on to configuring the Repetier software and testing it. Everything seems fine except that now my X motor doesn’t work. That is, the motor is fine (because it works if I connect to the Y or Z plug on my RAMPS board). When attempting to use manual control to move it, it will sometimes sort of... jitter. Don’t know how else to say it. It like goes a little bit and goes right back immediately. I mean, a very little bit. Like a few degrees of the motor. The motor does continue to receive power fine, which I can tell merely because I can’t manually move the X car without cutting the power to the motor. It works fine if I connect it to the Y or Z motor plugs on my board. I don’t know what else to do at this point to diagnose the issue. I thought that maybe it could be a firmware issue, but I have no idea where to get different firmware to use or if that would actually fix it. I’m not sure what to do to determine if it’s a board issue or something, I do have all the appropriate tools to diagnose the issue and make repairs if I need to, I’m just not sure where to start at this point.

I can give more information if needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For anyone unfamiliar, the OneUp was originally designed and sold by Q3D, who is now gone and all but erased from the internet. The manuals can be found here though: [archive.org]
Re: X Motor Malfunction, Please Help
December 29, 2018 07:44AM
You can start by inspecting the 3 jumpers under the Driver chips. making sure that all are in place and securely attached.

If the jumpers are all in place then you can then test the V-Ref Stepper motor currents and this video is a good place to learn the steps.

Electronics Technician / Computer Programmer
Re: X Motor Malfunction, Please Help
December 30, 2018 06:59PM
That solved my problem. Also realized I had my X motor connected to the Y pins on the board. So, swapped those and adjusted the voltage and it’s all good now. Mostly. Still need to do a bit of leveling of my bed and I think I’ll be good to go. Thanks for the help. Didn’t know enough to think of that myself.
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