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Rotary encoder jumps 'in between'

Posted by Ilex 
Rotary encoder jumps 'in between'
November 24, 2019 05:35AM
Dear all

First post here and completely new to Arduino, reprap and electronics in general :smiley-confuse:
I started making a polargraph / V-plotter.
Bought stepper motors, Arduino Mega 2560, Ramps 1.4, etc... and an LCD.
The LCD is from RepRapDiscount: full graphic smart controller.

After a long search and a big puzzle using Makelangelo software, I got it more or less under control.
Except the rotary encoder on the LCD-panel...
I can only change lines in the menu if I really really really am soft on the knob.
It reacts only somewhere before the 'click'.

Did a lot of research on internet, but couldn't find a solution.
Posted in Dutch part, but no reaction. Arduino forum, no reaction.

Some help please!
Thx in advance!
Re: Rotary encoder jumps 'in between'
November 24, 2019 07:20AM
everything but the information we need... what firmware is running on the mega?
Re: Rotary encoder jumps 'in between'
November 24, 2019 08:09AM
Told you I am a novice smiling smiley
The Mega runs on 1.8.10.
The LCD is working (did graphics test in u8glib and I see the menu from Mikelangelo).

I'm looking forward to give more info...
Re: Rotary encoder jumps 'in between'
November 24, 2019 08:15PM
Oh It runs custom firmware [github.com]

so not a reprap at all.

look in lcd.h find the following line
#define LCD_TURN_PER_MENU (3) // was 5

this changes the number of encoder pulses per menu change. increase the number to make it less sensitive,

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Re: Rotary encoder jumps 'in between'
November 25, 2019 03:54AM
Thx for your reply, time and thinking!

I was suspecting this could effect the encoder so I experimented with that already...
Changing from 1 tot 10: no good.
From 5 up there is no reaction anymore. Around 2 is the least bad option...
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