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IDEX design and Hotends offset

geschrieben von fred18 
IDEX design and Hotends offset
29. November 2021 12:49
Hi all, first topic here, hope not to mess up anything.

I have a couple of printers, one of which heavily modified and now very reliable with an Hemera Extruder. I would like to turn this printer into an IDEX. It is a bed slinger, so I basically need to design just the X axis system.
I noticed that most of the actual designs have a system to adjust the height of the second hotend, and I can understand that very well.
I would like to keep Marlin since it's working very well on this machine. I noticed that in Marlin you can set the position of other extruders in all 3 axis, X,Y and Z, and you can even change that with M218. So, my question to whomever would be so kind to answer is: is it absolutely mandatory to have a physical adjustable Z mount on the second extruder, or can I just use the same adapter left and right and then simply tune the z offset of the second extruder?

I don't see any issue in this second option if not that the first extruder must be out of the bed when the second is printing to avoid crashes, but is there anything else? Thank you in advance for your attention

Re: IDEX design and Hotends offset
29. November 2021 15:02
Second option is ok, unused extruder of cause must be out of the bed.
See as an example: [youtu.be]

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