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20mm 100% infill headaches

Posted by rotinaj13 
20mm 100% infill headaches
February 08, 2013 09:50PM
I am running a repstrap with gen6 electronics with sprinter flashed on it. I keep tweaking the E steps using m92 Exxx. I either get blobs that get pushed around that pile up on my hotend or I am getting what looks like threads breaking. I have a j head nozzle .35 wades geared extruder. I am using slicer with pronterface. Settings are .2 layer height, .42 width, 15mm/s on infill and perimeters, I also have all retraction off. This is driving me crazy trying to print this cube with 100% infill. I can print the thin wall test all day and night and it looks great but this test is frustrating me and I can not seem to get past it.. Ive been trying different things for the better part of a month and still can not get it to print right. Please someone help!!
Re: 20mm 100% infill headaches
February 09, 2013 11:26AM

Have you measured the actual filament length that gets fed into the extruder vs. the value you're extruding (in Pronterface)? Just make a mark up along your filament, extruder a certain amount (longer the better, say 100mm) while measuring how much the mark actual changed.

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Re: 20mm 100% infill headaches
February 09, 2013 12:36PM
I used an unorthadox method for doing this, I cut a clear straw at 100mm and marked it every 10mm then slid that over my filament to measure it. I had it calibrated at 235 steps/mm however when doing the 100% infill by the 3rd layer it was pushing blobs around with the print nozzle. when I cut the steps down to 185 it seems like it performs the infill much better but still doesnt take it long before it is a ruined print. I am starting to wonder if my zsteps are out of wack. The thing is with my zaxis which is a aluminum coupler with a acme screw I can command it 100mm and it will move 100 but when i command it .2mm it is off. If I correct the steps so its moving .2mm so my layers would be right my thin wall measured 14mm high. Building this printer was the easy part trying to figure out why it is acting like it is has been the banging my head against the wall part!
Re: 20mm 100% infill headaches
May 01, 2013 02:12PM
Hi, did u ever get this resolved? Im having the exact same problem. I changed my nozzle diameter setting in slic3r, it helps, but I still get what you describe above...
Re: 20mm 100% infill headaches
May 02, 2013 02:21PM
make sure your layer height coincides with your Z steps

see > [richrap.blogspot.sg]
look under > Accuracy

made a big difference to my prints

Good luck
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