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Solid Layer Printing Issue

Posted by new to3Dbob 
Solid Layer Printing Issue
May 31, 2013 08:31AM
I'm having trouble printing the solid layers of my objects. They appear solid, unless held directly up to a light, then you can slightly see through the walls. The print that made me realize that I was having this problem is the whistle. I though my print quality was getting fairley good after a few weeks of tuning but after many attempts I am still unable to solve this problem. I tried up to 4 solid layers and the sides of the whistle still leak air. It will only whistle if I block the air from comming out the sides when I blow into it.

After some additional searching I found this thread. [forums.reprap.org]

Does this still apply when using the newer versions of sli3er. I'm going to download the newest version tonight.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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Re: Solid Layer Printing Issue
June 07, 2013 11:01PM
Sounds like a calibration issue. Have you tried printing the 20mm calibration block with 100% infill? It looks like the amount of filament extruded is not filling in completely due to your settings. See the PTPG-material feed excessive and the related links for background and suggestions, your issue is the opposite of the condition shown in the guide here but the info may help.
Re: Solid Layer Printing Issue
June 07, 2013 11:42PM
I increased my nozzle size in slic3r and it seems to have made a significant difference. I was able to print an airtight whistle that works. I will definitley read the info at the link you suggested. Thanks a lot.

Re: Solid Layer Printing Issue
June 14, 2013 05:44AM
Infill gaps are an E steps per mm issue

You can adjust before each print using "M92 Ee" increase the number will bring the fill in more compact.

then set it in firmware once happy

You've got some Z wobble too..... make sure the Z axis runs smoothly and the anti backlash system isn't compressing when it moves .... a good dose of oil after calibration should help.
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