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Operational check of Azteeg X3

Posted by electricman 
Operational check of Azteeg X3
July 30, 2014 09:54AM
I'm new to 3D printing and went for a kit from Deezemaker. The hardware is all tight and I didn't have too many problems getting it together. The machine is powered by the Azteeg X3. We connected to the computer and the blue leds come on, we connected the power supply to power (12.6 VDC output) and tried to do our first print, an .stl owl file we found online that we downloaded and opened in Repetier Host and hit print. Nothing seems to happen. I waited 15 minutes and felt the build platform (thinking that the printer will not start until the temperatures were in the right range) and it wasn't hot so I checked it with a meter and there wasn't any voltage (Fluke on DC voltage) coming from the board to the platform heater. Next I put my hand near the extruders and again they felt cold so again I checked with a meter and no voltage was coming from the board. I'm probably missing something simple like a jumper, but I followed the electrical connections with no problem and double checked everything after our initial failure. I can check AC and DC voltage and current, resistance and capacitance. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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