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Which PVA brand is the most soluble?

Posted by drmaestro 
Which PVA brand is the most soluble?
April 09, 2015 02:13PM

This can be an odd question but I'd like to know if there is a difference between various PVA brands. I don't use PVA as a support material but as a tool for mold making. I print a shape in PVA, prepare a mold box, use transparent silicone to cover it excluding its poles then use hot water in an ultrasonic bath to dissolve the PVA. This way, I can obtain hollow silicone models shaped like the object. The problem is that the PVA that I use, manufactured by Esun, which is really easy to print is quite undissolvable. I have seen Youtube videos where PVA dissolves like it is effervesecent but my PVA requires removal of softened pieces by pliers, otherwise it doesn't dissolve at all by itself.The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the surface area of the PVA which is in contact with the water is very small due to it being covered by silicone. My question is: Is there a difference between the solubility of different PVA brands?

I have also tried HIPS by Esun, which should dissolve by limonene, but I still have the same problem (and also the fact that Limonene is expensive doesn't make things easier)
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