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ASA Filament

Posted by Ramon3D 
ASA Filament
June 21, 2016 01:35AM
Hey everyone

I recently bought a roll of DutchFilaments ASA-X, because according to wikipedia ASA is supposed to be an alternative to ABS. Now, I got it to print pretty well at 40mm/s Hotend at 250°C, Bed with 3DLac at 110°C.
On glass without cooling. There is just one problem: about 5mm of the "outline" of the part lift a little bit off the bed, but only a small amount, so small that I can't see it when it is on the printer, but it's clearly visible when I look at the underside of the printed part.

It always only warps a little bit around the edges, even with long, thin and high prints it doesn't completely lift off the bed, and only slightly warps around the edges.

I already tried some different combinations for adhesion:

Bed 110°C + gluestick = about the same result
Bed 85°C + gluestick = about the same result
Bed 110°C + Kapton = slightly worse adhesion
Bed 85°C + 3DLac = about the dame result

All of these were tries with a brim btw (but the brim easily breaks off). And the manufacturer specifies Bed at 85°C.

Now while it sticks very well to the Bed and doesn't really warp much, it still annoys me that the edges are always a little, tiny bit warped.

So before I try all kinds of ways to solve this, do any of you have any tricks or tips with ASA Filament?

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