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Help with print quality

Posted by ViktorĊ  
Help with print quality
July 01, 2017 11:57AM
Hello. I need some help with my print quality. I use reprap Prusa i3. Lines on my prints are sometimes too thin. Sides are faling off in some places. Some layers come off easily. I tried to fiddle with setting like temperature, speed ,layer hight and with that I only make things worse. In this pictures you can see the print.
Re: Help with print quality
July 02, 2017 02:42AM
Very small pictures, hard to tell from these. From your message, it's probably a heavy underextrusion. Try to set your flowrate to 120 or 140%, or recalibrate your E steps.
Re: Help with print quality
July 02, 2017 01:44PM
There are many ways 3D Printers can cause the problems seen in the pictures from defective 3D Printer parts, calibration, to the Slicer and firmware.

Tell us more information to receive a quicker response Please.
What are your settings, What is your slicer, ect...
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