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ANET A8 Problems for beginner

Posted by hermannelig 
ANET A8 Problems for beginner
July 04, 2017 04:05PM
Hello everyone,
my brother and I wanted to take first steps in 3d-printing so we ordered the ANET A8. After we finished assembling, we tried the first printing attempts, but we miserably failed: We assume that the alignment is right, we checked with proper feeler gauge (0.1mm). The Problem is that the PLA is only extruded drop by drop and after second or third layer it is extruded in the air.
Our settings: hotend 210°C heatbed 60°C slicing with slic3r and cura

I´m sorry for my bad English- not my mothertongue... and thanks for all your help

Re: ANET A8 Problems for beginner
July 05, 2017 05:02AM
Did you set the correct filament diameter? Have you adjusted your E steps? Measure f.ex. 120mm on your filament, and with manual control set the right hotend temp and extrude 100mm, then check how far the filament did travel in reality.
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