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Print not sticking to bed... bluetape

Posted by ampapa 
Re: Print not sticking to bed... bluetape
December 26, 2017 08:53PM
This is Paper Tape, and is similar to blue tape they in fact both have a medium adhesion tack.
I even printed on a sheet of inkjet printer paper taped to the bed.

I have the best luck printing on the Vinyl Application Paper Tape. Maybe if I experimented with bed temperatures I could get my Build surface to stick better, but why this works for me.
And maybe the Build surfaces I purchased were counterfeit. I have no way on knowing. They just did not work well.
I even purchased a different build surface they are still unused in the packages.

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Re: Print not sticking to bed... bluetape
December 27, 2017 04:35AM
if you look at the last picture you see that the filament is not squeezed on to the bed.
if you didn't change the z offset in the slicer software
or change any hardware
you need to check if the nozzle hight is still good.
Check multiple times, after a new zero. (paper calibration)
Don't change any thing between the multiple zeroings, It is possible that the zero sensor doesn't repeat accurate engough

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Re: Print not sticking to bed... bluetape
December 31, 2017 02:15PM
For anyone having problems with bed adhesion, I recommend RigidInk PLA+. In fact I find it unusable on two of my printers, one with a PEI-covered bed and one with an uncoated float glass bed, because it sticks so well that I can't get the prints off without damaging the bed. But my third printer is a SCARA with no bed, it prints on the desk area in front, which I cover with blue tape. Most of the blue tape strips are quite dirty now and the adhesion is just right. Annoyingly, one isn't, and every time I print that strip sticks too well to the print; so part of it comes off with the print and I have to replace it again... with another clean piece.

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Re: Print not sticking to bed... bluetape
January 03, 2018 08:10AM
I don't print with PLA but i believe the usuall fix for some of these issues is to turn on the cooling fan after a couple of layers.
Although everyones machine will need different settings i suspect your temperatures are too high. I believe many will use 180-195 for the main layers.
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