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Trying to run own Python program on Marlin Board

Posted by kleman 
Trying to run own Python program on Marlin Board
February 17, 2022 04:17AM
For an university project I have to make a little program with which I can determin the time between two pushs of a sensor. In more detail, a printingbed is attached to an industrialrobot. This robot will go a preprogrammed pattern where it will touch the sensor multiple times. In order to measure the distance between the touches, I have to measure the times between the touches (the speed of the robot is fix).

For the project I am using an MKSBoard V1.3 with a BLTouch and Marlin installed on it.

My plan is to write a little program that will start a timer once the BLTouch is touched and will stop the time once it is touched again. This time should be stored in an array.

Unfortunally I have no experice with the Marlin environment and only minor Arduino expirience.

My question would be, if it is possible to run my own python-project but still use the library of the BLTouch.

Thanks very much
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