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0.7.0 Issue with Mutiple Copies

Posted by bmsweb 
0.7.0 Issue with Mutiple Copies
March 03, 2012 06:29AM
First things first. I love it the way when you put in a number for the x and the y copes and it comes up with a warning for the total!! Great Check just in case you got your math wrong when overly anxious in pressing the Print lol

In any case I was printing 2 x 2 copies and noticed as it went between parts it was causing some stringing etc. After a few layers it began to look messy. So I tried 0.6.0 with the same STL file and it worked perfectly with no messy stringing between parts. Haven't figured out why it would do that with multiple copies.

In any case I hope you figure that one out . . if not I can always use 0.6.0 for multiple copies. Love this version and will be sure to donate again when 0.8.0 comes out smiling smiley

Re: 0.7.0 Issue with Mutiple Copies
March 03, 2012 11:54AM
sound has fixed the stringing issue (there was not retract activated when travelling between the objects) it's in the latest github version, so it will make it's way into the precompiled version sooner or later grinning smiley

Re: 0.7.0 Issue with Mutiple Copies
March 03, 2012 05:03PM
Hey Thanks for the Heads Up Tom smiling smiley

I'm loving the new version . . did about 7 hours of printing with it last night grinning smiley
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