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G-code design in parts Attachments

by Tg37
427 1 07/28/2023 04:37AM
Last Post by Tg37


by Paride
707 1 06/13/2023 05:40AM
Last Post by Paride

Z seam fix? Attachments

by hvar89
1,316 2 03/18/2023 04:00PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

slicer 1.3.0 bed temp drop to zero after first layer (behavior change)

by gafu
1,347 1 12/06/2022 11:40AM
Last Post by gafu

Slic3r 1.3.0 zoom in 3d-view (linux)

by gafu
1,345 1 12/06/2022 11:34AM
Last Post by gafu

complete individual objects.

by rew
1,500 1 11/25/2022 05:17AM
Last Post by rew

Elephant Foot on slic3r ??

by Vactirio
1,685 2 11/03/2022 04:17AM
Last Post by dc42

Automated Batch Slicing as Web App

by jreinke10
2,222 2 09/25/2022 09:21AM
Last Post by Leo_Aguiar

Greater layer hights 5mm <

by DorisBoris
3,565 9 09/09/2022 02:18PM
Last Post by musztard

3D and Preview difference Attachments

by rstergar
2,538 1 07/04/2022 06:10AM
Last Post by rstergar

Disable M116 Attachments

2,791 1 03/27/2022 02:41AM
Last Post by PROTO_TIPO

Please help tinkering slicing profile Attachments

by konstantin.neo
2,870 4 02/27/2022 11:15AM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Printing single lines of filament?

by konstantin.neo
2,790 2 02/27/2022 10:28AM
Last Post by auser

Is there a setting to favour "long lines" Attachments

by auser
2,860 1 02/27/2022 07:04AM
Last Post by auser

New to Slic3r, beginners questions

by HugoW
2,903 1 02/24/2022 04:19PM
Last Post by HugoW

Deleting Printer configurations

by wannathermal
2,798 1 02/21/2022 04:04PM
Last Post by wannathermal

Unwanted Additional Thin Wall Attachments

by miket83706
3,012 1 01/25/2022 12:36AM
Last Post by miket83706

g-code leads to: Print doesn´t stop when printhead is traveling Attachments

by Klara
4,233 3 07/13/2021 08:12AM
Last Post by Klara

Non-manifold stl files

by softfoot
4,464 4 07/11/2021 08:43PM
Last Post by dustinoff

Can't move part on plater.

by lar3ry
3,921 5 07/06/2021 11:32AM
Last Post by lar3ry

PC fan control

by ben.dani1997
4,041 1 06/05/2021 07:57AM
Last Post by ben.dani1997

CNC milling machine as frame construction

by Beyza
4,069 1 05/18/2021 06:13AM
Last Post by Beyza

Is it possible to control additional servos with Slic3R ?

by Beyza
4,047 1 05/12/2021 01:00AM
Last Post by Beyza

Creating a custom 'vendor.ini' profile or text editing an imported profile

by pizzadude
4,002 2 05/07/2021 12:13PM
Last Post by pizzadude

Thin walls won't get infill

by Replace
6,045 6 02/24/2021 05:55PM
Last Post by anachronist

Slic3r console errors

by agniusm
4,440 1 02/02/2021 02:21AM
Last Post by agniusm

Loops in "end" gcode script ??

by softfoot
4,358 1 01/30/2021 01:01PM
Last Post by softfoot

difference between settings in layers and perim and advanced

by ruggb
5,024 6 10/09/2020 02:03PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Advanced laminates feature request

by jzagaja
4,830 1 10/05/2020 06:12AM
Last Post by jzagaja

Gap between perimeter and infill

by Mikexx
4,833 2 09/29/2020 09:45AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist