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Creating a custom 'vendor.ini' profile or text editing an imported profile

Posted by pizzadude 
Creating a custom 'vendor.ini' profile or text editing an imported profile
May 04, 2021 12:03PM
Hi all,

I'm completely new to Slic3r/PS/SuperSlicer and so might be overlooking the obvious, but googling and Slic3r/PS documentation has thus far not answered my questions.

In writing a config.ini/vendor.ini (whatever you want to call it... it's an *.ini file) for my printers, I keep coming up against minor errors which prevent the profile working 100% correctly. If I clone an existing ini profile, the software appears to require that I rewrite every named reference (vendor, filaments, nozzles, '@xyz' etc) to avoid duplication with other vendor profiles. I understand that bit.

So the software loads and I can select my profile, the filaments all load, layer heights seem correct etc... but the 'default_filament_profile' and 'default_print_profile' statements are being ignored. Obviously, I can select the parameters I want from the drop down menus, but why won't those values load by default once I've selected the appropriate printer, then nozzle size when using the Configuration Wizard? Would anyone be able to have a look at my ini file and explain what I've done incorrectly please?

I'd also appreciate some feedback on how I've formatted the layout etc...

Many thanks for any assistance you might offer

Re: Creating a custom 'vendor.ini' profile or text editing an imported profile
May 07, 2021 12:13PM
Ok, I'm going to reply to my own question... partially.

My expectation was that by specifying a 'default_filament_profile' and 'default_print_profile' within the *common* printer preset that I could 'cheat' the system - my printers all have E3dv6 printheads with 0.4mm nozzles... and I pretty much exclusively use esun ABS+... and nearly always slice at 0.2mm layer heights, so by editing the 'mypersonalvendor'.ini profile, I was expecting to be able to load the slicing software, select the model of printer and run with those settings pre-selected.

That's not the case - so far. Whatever the reason, it's down to my lack of understanding right now.
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