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Loops in "end" gcode script ??

Posted by softfoot 
Loops in "end" gcode script ??
January 30, 2021 01:01PM
I am rather deaf so I would like to play a sequence of short tones at the end of a print job and have it continue until I hear the tones.

At the moment I have a fairly long sequence of tones encoded and it works a treat but as far as I can see the only way to get a continuous output (without a ridiculously long script) is to specify "p0" which gives a continuous single tone.

Unfortunately, the way my remaining hearing works a single tone becomes "lost". It irritates the hell out of my wife, which I suppose is one solution but a thrown frying pan is to be avoided !! ;-)

Is there a way to have a short sequence of tones and loop over it until I silence it ???

Best Regards,
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