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slic3r is too slow with 0.4 nose

Posted by Babis 
slic3r is too slow with 0.4 nose
June 26, 2012 02:32PM
As in subject slic3r is too slow with 0.4 nose in some of my designs, not all.
Initialy i thought that slic3 is hangs, so i did some tests to figure out what happens. The same stl file with default values in slic3r, i just change the nose size.
Nose size 0.5 it slices in about 45 sec
Nose size 0.3 it slices in about 55 sec
Nose size 0.4 it slies in about 16 minutes

In 0.8.2 with nose size 0.4 it slice in about 35 sec

The most of the time is consumed for genaring the perimeters. It looks that is most posible to have this problem when i have a design with thin walls eg. 2mm

Any explanation?

Thank you
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