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accelleration question

Posted by charlieRC 
accelleration question
January 01, 2019 11:34AM
Unfortuntely or fortunately, I have had pretty good luck with setting that i used in Slic3r for the past few yeasrs, so I have never had to learn how to improve on the original settings. Now i need to do some experimenting with accelleration to try and overcome some issues with missed steps when infilling small areas. There is way too much jerk and not clear on what I need to do to get around that.

When I went into Slic3r to play with the settings, I noticed that all the acceleration (advanced) settings are grayed out. Two questions....

1) Why would they be grayed out and how to "ungray" them.

2) How can I determine some experimental settings that might help me overcome the missed step problems?

Thank you.

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Re: accelleration question
January 03, 2019 01:51PM
You have to set the 'default acceleration' to something other than '0' to enable setting the others

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