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Continue from layer X?

Posted by KIA_PETE 
Continue from layer X?
December 02, 2015 05:20PM
So i just installed a driver and not thinking restarted my pc on a 20h+ print with about 5 hours left.
Is there a way on Repetier to continue from a certain layer??
'iv looked at the print and can tell that i was on layer 90 as it was just starting the first fill layer of an object. can i tell it to continue from layer 90?
Re: Continue from layer X?
December 20, 2015 02:52AM
In the editor you can jump to any layer. Use this to mark printed gcode and delete it. Stop just before the g0 Zx where you stopped. Then create start conditions like temperature and homing (hope you have zmax homing or have a place to home z without hitting print). Then just print the rest.

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