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G1 Zxxx command part not executed after auto level - Repetier Host thinks it is at that height

Posted by Mateusz 
I run into issue and resolved it by inserting a command with Repetier firmware/Host combo, that it ignores the Z change command if Repetier host assumes that it is at same height.

When it starts printing my Repetier-Host (0.56) have Z=0.25 but after M114 command goes back to Z=15.
I inserted M114 before first layer and that updates Repetier-Host app with correct Z and probably the command with G1 Z0.254 isn't ignored

M114 ; enforces Repetier-Host measurments update
G1 F9000 X59.083 Y60.883 Z0.254

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Unfortunately inserting only M114 doesn't work - I need to do "@pause" command and resume to repetier host to pick the change.
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