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Repeater host mac will not send code properly

Posted by bnoggle 
Repeater host mac will not send code properly
January 30, 2016 01:16PM
I am running repetier host mac, and have been for almost 3 years without any problem. All of a sudden when I start it it only connects some of the time. I checked my baud rate and it appears to be fine. I recently migrated to a new computer, but it was working fine at the beginning and now it is not. The prints will start, run for a few short seconds and then stop. I have already tried deleting the .plist files for repetier and slicer. Also I copied my slicer settings from my old computer to my new one. I also know that it is not the gcode because when I put it on an sd card it will run without error. The printer is running the newest version of marlin and has been for some time now. Has anyone else had this problem, or something similar, and what should I do to fix it?
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