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Error Extruder 0

Posted by Ma_tits 
Error Extruder 0
July 04, 2016 02:22PM
Setup: Marlin using Repetier Host, E3D Lite6 with thermistor reading about 104k ohms on the millimeter ..Heated bed and Hot end have a min temp set at 5. Both the heated bed and the extruder read 23.4 Degrees Celsius when idle. I manually increase the temp for both and they work fine and read fine. I have the marlin set to PID for both bed and extruder but I have not run the PID auto tune yet for the correct values. Thermistor is set to the 5 on marling as stated by the E3D site.

Problem: When I connect the printer to the host everything goes good until I get the Extruder Error 0 code...It does not stop me from heating the extruder or bed and it does not give the code to shut down the extruder or heated bed due to min temp not met or max temp problems.

Why does it do this ? I messed around with the sensor not in use with no luck. I changed the min temp value to -1 just to see if the was the issue with no luck either.
Re: Error Extruder 0
July 05, 2016 10:25AM
Anyone ?
Re: Error Extruder 0
October 14, 2016 11:54PM
why don't you run autotune
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