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Cura 2.6.2 Baidu scanner gives warning "Win32.Trojan.WisdomEyes..."

Posted by Inhumierer 
Cura 2.6.2 Baidu scanner gives warning "Win32.Trojan.WisdomEyes..."
August 20, 2017 04:04AM
Hi there,

excuse me if this isn't the right place to ask this, but I couldn't find any better. Pls show me, if there is.
I'm using Cura 15.01 that came with my Repetier-package. I'm trying to use support structures for a print, but my Cura creates the support lines in parallel to the bridges, so they're quite useless. I can't use grid structures, because I can't get them off the printed part when done.
I wanted to try the actual Cura 2.6.2, downloaded from Ultimaker. When checking the file with Virustotal, the Baidu engine tells me, it contains the Win32.Trojan.WisdomEyes. Looking at the Ultimaker pages didn't clearify this. Anyone got a hint about this issue, or can tell me where to look? Google shows one guy with a similar problem, but no solution.
I'll try some older versions right now...

Thanks, Inhu
Re: Cura 2.6.2 Baidu scanner gives warning "Win32.Trojan.WisdomEyes..."
August 20, 2017 05:13AM
It has been reported as a false positive in severall programs, personally i would ignore it.
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