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Hackerspace is building a Reprap!

Posted by shazzner 
Hackerspace is building a Reprap!
May 02, 2011 02:35PM
Hi there, we started a hackerspace here in San Antonio and one of our current projects is building a reprap (prusa mendel). We just got started, parts should be coming in this week, but we could use your input. smiling smiley

Here is our site:

Our mailing list:

If anyone wants to help out, join our mailing list or email me.
Hello Shazzner, are you still looking for someone to help in building the 3d printer, I have all of the skills you are looking for and more, and want to build this printer as well. Check out my youtube channel " nadingjeff " and you can see some of what I am doing now. I have built a 5' x 5' CNC Plasma Cutting machine, made allot of the parts myself, cast them out of aluminum, I also build computers and repair laptops, let me know,Jeff
Re: Hackerspace is building a Reprap!
September 02, 2011 10:18PM
Hey Jeff, we're actually almost finished with our reprap. We had a last minute hang up with the electronics, but we got that sorted today. I think on Monday we're going to test it out proper.

If you'd like join our mailing list and come on down to the space when were open. smiling smiley
Ok, so what times would you be open? I would like to come and look at your reprap build if I may, I am very interested in building one myself for the many projects that I have going and ones I plan on doing, Jeff.
Re: Hackerspace is building a Reprap!
September 05, 2011 06:33PM
Hey Jeff we're usually open every Saturday from 1 to 6, we also open weekdays and sometimes Sunday but it's up to keyholders to say when the can come in which we announce on our mailing list.

If you don't know when to come in Saturday is a safe bet but our mailing list is the surest source. Hope to see you soon! smiling smiley
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