1.75mm extruder mod
February 03, 2014 10:10PM
Anybody else do it? What was the process? I'm trying to switch all my printers to 1.75mm. What parts did you have to change? I'm super curious about doing it once my tantillus is buillt.

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Re: 1.75mm extruder mod
February 06, 2014 10:47PM
I use 1.75. The hot end came with an insert for it. Other than that, all I needed was the right size bowden cable and keeper nuts. I'm curious why you feel the need to switch. I've had chronic problems with the extruder skipping steps. I often wonder if thicker filament wouldn't help.
Re: 1.75mm extruder mod
February 07, 2014 09:03AM
what size would you change the keeper nuts and bowden tube to? I want to go with 1.75mm because most of my other bots are on it.
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