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Heated-bed (pcb)

Posted by Emmanuel 
Heated-bed (pcb)
December 16, 2013 02:49PM
I'll try this to see how it goes (got them from Sound on emakershop)

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Re: Heated-bed (pcb)
December 30, 2013 03:30PM
Hi Manu, and what did you thing about this : [www.emakershop.com]
For the foldarap?
Just need a 150/150 mm Aluminium Bed to fit....it's possible?
Re: Heated-bed (pcb)
January 21, 2014 04:39PM
Hey thanks for the link !

Maybe a little too big to allow for the bed bolts to join the Y-carriage but nice to know smiling smiley

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Re: Heated-bed (pcb)
April 01, 2014 08:19AM
Bonjour aux utilisateurs de la Foldarap. Des problèmes avec les modules Peltier qui sont défaillants (j'en suis au 3ème). J'ai également cramé une carte Melzi. Avec la nouvelle, tout semblait bien fonctionner jusqu'à ce que la régulation du plateau se mette en panne. Le plateau régulé à 54° chauffe jusqu'à 63°, ce qui décolle les pièces en cours d'impression. Des cas similaires rencontrés ? Des suggestions ou des solutions ? Merci de vos retours.
Re: Heated-bed (pcb)
April 02, 2014 06:12AM
Hello guys!

Emmanuel, is it better to have this kind of heated bed? I'm surprise how quick the peltier module heat the bed, I was use to wait 20 min on the solidoodle
or is it, just to try something more compact maybe?

Fernand, Pour moi je ferrai un réglage du PID, (PID tunning) Tu a plein de tuto sur internet. j'ai deja utiliser une commande pour le faire automatiquement mais je ne saurait dire laquelle exactement, cherche "PID autotune"
Sinon je ne sais pas ce que ça pourrait etre
Re: Heated-bed (pcb)
April 09, 2014 06:57AM
I think for PLA you do not need a heated bed, but for ABS, it's almost mandatory (I am still new to 3D printing, so I'm guessing here) - I've done my heated bed slightly differently, with an oversized board (FR4 type) on top of the bed plate which forms the build surface. Using ABS, I have no problem starting the print with this method, but if I allow it to cool too rapidly, I get shrinking and curl from the build plate.
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