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Alternative to the Minitronics board

Posted by DIMME 
Alternative to the Minitronics board
October 27, 2018 06:42AM

I'm looking for an alternative board for my 3d-printer. I have a foldarap, with the minitronics_v1.1 board. I burn it and I can't find one because reprap no longer manufactures or sells it.

Maybe there is another manufacturer that does not know, maybe there is another board that goes well, ...

Any help will be well received, ...

Please, help me!
Re: Alternative to the Minitronics board
November 18, 2018 12:35PM
Any board could be used, as the configuration is quite standard/common (4 axis, 1 hotend, 1 bed, etc...)
But fortunately the Minitronics 1.1 was discontinued because they are replacing it by the 2.0 so we can continue to use the same board / form factor smiling smiley

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