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Dual extruder on the Mendel90

Posted by Mendel90 
Dual extruder on the Mendel90
December 18, 2015 05:19PM
Recently I had to print a part wich needed to be printed with support in places wich made it a nightmare to remove later and even worse,
decreased the final outcome of the print.

The solution in this case would have been: printing support filament wich completely dissapears when in water(PVA?)
Therefore I would need a second extruder on my Mendel.

Me question is: Has anybody build themselves an dual extruder Mendel and is ther any documentation available about wiring, etc?

I would be using a second E3Dv6 bowden and found an x-carriage and mount here

Creality CR10/X Dual color/material
Creality CR10S
Ender3 Pro
Mendel90 (decommissioned)
Mamorubot Jupiter CoreXY
Re: Dual extruder on the Mendel90
December 19, 2015 06:29AM

This think3dprint3d Github repository contains a Mendel90 design that supports multiple extruders. They used to offer it as a kit but I think it is now abandoned. You might be able to pull something useful from there.

Neil Darlow

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