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Mendel90 Attachments

by nophead
16,746 2 08/17/2012 05:46PM
Last Post by whuffiepwrd

cura settings

by broccolini
1,280 9 04/26/2019 02:51PM
Last Post by nophead

New Mendel90 up and running!

by jswilson64
3,072 2 02/20/2019 10:27AM
Last Post by nophead

No terminal window in Skeinforge

by bolean
3,538 5 02/02/2019 05:09AM
Last Post by bolean

Connection to Mendel90

by joedassin
4,855 3 12/16/2018 02:25PM
Last Post by joedassin

Official firmware?

by Dust
4,614 5 10/19/2018 10:01AM
Last Post by RalphHilton

Problem with Layers Attachments

by dasneo72
5,131 22 10/05/2018 05:59PM
Last Post by dasneo72

MDF Parts wanted

by TerryK
5,980 5 10/05/2018 03:35PM
Last Post by nophead

Mendel90 openscad and pythong - generating views

by guerd87
387 6 08/29/2018 06:11AM
Last Post by nophead

Mendel90 setup

by Zaly
532 23 07/26/2018 07:54AM
Last Post by nophead

Printing in bottom left of bed only

by setherith
4,182 6 04/21/2018 07:16PM
Last Post by nophead

Using Prusa Slic3r with Mendel90?

1,983 4 04/18/2018 05:29PM
Last Post by setherith

Mendel90 assembly 3D CAD models

by Mendel90 FAN
954 5 03/27/2018 07:26PM
Last Post by mikertms

Raspberry Pi2 Attachments

by wgaona
3,956 1 03/26/2018 04:14PM
Last Post by wgaona

Twisting wires not always needed?

by Garry Bartsch
1,050 7 03/05/2018 04:26PM
Last Post by tbeaulieu

Original firmware setttings M90 Dibond

by amr_dwarf
3,969 2 01/23/2018 06:21AM
Last Post by nophead

direct drive extruder on the repository

by 111oct111
2,195 5 01/01/2018 03:29PM
Last Post by jswilson64

Need parts for extruder connection PCB assembly

by FallenKin
1,431 5 01/01/2018 01:22PM
Last Post by allencole

Sourcing spring for NopHead's Direct extruder

by jswilson64
715 4 12/08/2017 02:59AM
Last Post by nophead

Programming for Rumba?

by Rich K.
3,970 3 10/25/2017 11:50AM
Last Post by Bearded Flyer

At start of print only one z axis is working

by gribble
837 6 10/04/2017 03:52PM
Last Post by JaredTS486

TCT+Personalize 2015

by neildarlow
1,132 15 09/05/2017 05:05AM
Last Post by bastard

15 pin D-sub connectors

by jswilson64
3,177 3 08/31/2017 09:55AM
Last Post by jswilson64

Smoothieboard on Mendel90

by amr_dwarf
2,739 3 08/29/2017 03:53PM
Last Post by arthurwolf

Having trouble tracking down power/USB communication issue

by remondo
1,854 13 08/22/2017 10:22AM
Last Post by remondo

New versions of Cura without Relative Extrude

by wgaona
1,443 3 08/02/2017 10:18AM
Last Post by wgaona

bltouch sensor Attachments

by bastard
1,089 2 07/05/2017 07:37AM
Last Post by nophead

Super dumb question: any difference in printed parts from regular to sturdy?

by jswilson64
2,134 2 06/09/2017 01:58PM
Last Post by nophead

searching configuration.h File for Mendel90 with Inductive AutoBedLevel

by stevie72
1,845 1 06/04/2017 06:18PM
Last Post by stevie72

Idea for stopping the flexing in a mendel90

by lkcl
1,841 9 05/24/2017 09:49PM
Last Post by lkcl

Dibond Mendel90 for sale?

by amell
2,146 4 05/13/2017 08:54AM
Last Post by lkcl