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Board questions - Creality 4.2.7

Posted by guerd87 
Board questions - Creality 4.2.7
July 09, 2022 08:54PM
Hi everyone,

I am building a Mendel 90 at the moment to go next to my other printers. I have had this kit for a while but finally got around to doing it

I have a Creality 4.2.7 Silent stepper board here from my Ender3 I was thinking about using

The original Mendel90 from Nophead was 12v but I would like to go 24v For heating times

The Creality board has everything I need on it but I have a quick question about the limit stops. The board only has X- Y- and Z- where as the Mednel90 uses Z+. Is this still usable with something like Neil's updated marlin? Is it something simple to change?

If this board is not suitable I do have a complete Ramps 1.4 setup here that I can use which I know will work so just after recomendations so I can choose which direction to go as I have to order the correct ends
Re: Board questions - Creality 4.2.7
July 10, 2022 07:33AM
on the creality 4.2.7 the endstop are X-,Y- and Z- by default

because the config file asks for homing to min endstop.

They are defined as

#define X_STOP_PIN PA5
#define Y_STOP_PIN PA6
#define Z_STOP_PIN PA7

so are used as min or max as requested by the homing direction in the Configuration fies (in marlin anyways)

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