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Print Speed

Posted by Bearded Flyer 
Print Speed
April 06, 2020 05:24AM
I have signed up with 3D Crowd here in the UK to print frames for Prusa RC3 face shields in PETG (which is currently in the post).
When I slice the parts I get a print time of about 4 hours but other people in the 3D Crowd group are stating print times of about 1 hour!

Can anybody give me some advice on how fast I can make my Dibond Mendel90 print without causing it damage or degrading the print quaility too much? I have attached a screen dump of my current settings.
open | download - Slic3r Speed Settings.jpg (167 KB)
Re: Print Speed
April 06, 2020 05:35AM
You mean like [www.youtube.com]
Re: Print Speed
April 06, 2020 06:44AM
That is useful but I really want to know how fast I can drive the Mendel90 stepper motors before they loose steps, burn out or the frame starts to flex with the direction changes.

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