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Roll Call!

Posted by pawaller 
Roll Call!
December 04, 2012 07:47AM
Hello there!!!

My name is Phil Waller, I live in Biggleswade, Beds.
I have successfully built a Prusa Mendel.

I am thinking of forming/joining a RUG for users in the Beds/Herts/Cambs area to share our experiences /knowledge and help others new to 3D printing. If there is enough interest we could meet up on a regular basis at a convenient venue.

Please add your name / location if you interested in joining so we can get an idea of the numbers / where people are based.

Re: Roll Call!
December 04, 2012 02:12PM
Sounds cool, I'm located in either Cambridge or Hertford depending on time of the year (whether i'm at uni or not.)
Re: Roll Call!
January 09, 2013 06:38AM
I'm from Milton Keynes and interested in meeting up with other local people to chat about 3D printing and machines.
Not got a machine yet but close to getting a Prusa I3 or similar.


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Re: Roll Call!
January 13, 2013 12:20PM
Based in South Cambs here.

Got a Mendel90, a meet might be nice indeed !
Re: Roll Call!
January 27, 2013 10:47AM
Leighton Buzzard.

Just built my Mendel.
Re: Roll Call!
January 29, 2013 05:42PM
Seems like there's enough of us here now to try and get together ..... any suggestions as to when & where ?
I'm free most evenings (with some notice)

How about a pub south of Bedford maybe ?

Re: Roll Call!
January 29, 2013 10:59PM
I'm interested in a meetup, but I'm in cambridge with no car, so I'm limited to that sort of area. Bedford is a bit too far for me sad smiley
Re: Roll Call!
January 30, 2013 11:08AM
james glanville Wrote:
> I'm interested in a meetup, but I'm in cambridge
> with no car, so I'm limited to that sort of area.
> Bedford is a bit too far for me sad smiley

Ok, we'll try for somewhere nearer or maybe twist someones arm to give you a lift winking smiley

Re: Roll Call!
February 05, 2013 05:36AM
Hi All,
So far then we have 3 people from the Cambridge area and a few from MK/Leighton Buzzard, with myself in the middle!!

Is everyone OK with meeting in the middle? I have a nice venue in mind (in Biggleswade), I will speak to the manager this Friday to see if it is possible to reserve a quiet area for us to use.

How about Friday 1st March @8:00pm?

Not sure how frequently people want to meet, I guess we see how well the first one goes :-)

Please let me know any topics you want putting on the "agenda"

Re: Roll Call!
February 05, 2013 06:32AM
pawaller Wrote:
> Hi All,
> ........
> How about Friday 1st March @8:00pm?
> .........
> Regards
> Phil

Doh!! .... I'm on holiday that week until the 4th sad smiley

Re: Roll Call!
February 05, 2013 07:24AM
Biggleswade is good for me, there's a reasonable train I can get. 1st march is ok too, but i'm usually around if another time suits others better.
Re: Roll Call!
February 08, 2013 01:24PM
Cambridge here, with a car this time.

Got my printer working again after a couple of months viciously sulking at it (which didn't work).

Re: Roll Call!
February 08, 2013 01:36PM
I'm Cambridge based without a car, though could possibly get a lift from Richard ^^^^

Have a RepRapPro Huxley

I also currently pay dues to meetup for another group I run, so would be happy to setup a local meetup group to help us organise if people think that would be helpful.

Re: Roll Call!
February 11, 2013 05:08PM
1st of march is a stretch for me as I have work on Saturday. I work Saturday/Sun every second weekend, but having said that, i will see if i can get that Saturday off.
I'm in Cambs with a car.

As for agenda, I may have tested the synchromesh cables which is due to arrive within this week to replace teethed belts, Its a study to reduce(attempt) tension between the pulleys.
Re: Roll Call!
February 13, 2013 08:29AM
As 1st March is a problem for a few people and there aren't that many of us (yet) how about the following week, Friday 8th March @ 8pm

I have spoken to the manager of "the Lounge" in Biggleswade....


and he can reserve a quiet section for us to use.

How does that sound?

Re: Roll Call!
February 13, 2013 10:34AM
Friday 8th March sounds fine for me, thanks.

Re: Roll Call!
February 13, 2013 01:42PM
Hello All

I'm Martin from a small village near St Neots, Bedfordshire. I would be happy to come for a meeting. Just tell me the time and place.

Its probably best if we get an email list as this part of the forum is not visited very often. If anyone wants to contact me direct just go through the HeliumFrog my website.
Re: Roll Call!
February 13, 2013 02:17PM
The 8th sounds good to me.

Re: Roll Call!
February 14, 2013 08:16AM
Martin has a good point re the forum.

Please direct email me... pawaller@gmail.com and I will add your email address's to a specific distibution list.
I promise this will only be used to inform you of the date/time/location of the next meeting, nothing else. Please continue to use the forums for questions etc

Re: Roll Call!
February 26, 2013 11:16AM

I'm in Peterborough and would love to meet some printer owners, discuss etc.

My Mendel 90 (nopheads) is on order so cant wait for it to come.

As im a newbie at this printing lark I'm more than happy to meet anyone.

Count me in whatever date.


Time to play every day... Why be bored and old smiling smiley
Re: Roll Call!
August 09, 2013 09:48AM
I'm in St Albans

I've got a Sells Mendel

Re: Roll Call!
September 06, 2013 02:55AM

I live in Sandy and am about to build a Mendel90. Please add me to your meetup notification list and I'll be happy to attend anything you arrange.

I used to run the Bedfordshire Linux Users Group @2000-2004 so I realise how useful these events can be if you can keep them well-attended and vibrant.

Neil Darlow
Re: Roll Call!
November 21, 2013 04:47PM

Just finished building the mechanics of an I3 printer and now working on the electronics...

I live in Hertford ..


Adrian Hughes
Re: Roll Call!
December 19, 2013 11:48AM

Just a shout from Peterborough to say i recently got a Reprappro Mono and interested in any meet ups and advice.

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