OpenSCAD Seamless, an online module library
August 27, 2013 06:04PM
Hallo all together,

I used the last weekend to hack an online library for OpenSCAD modules.

All my models are looking weired because i want to be fast so I simply use cubes and cylinders. No need for rounded edges or anything else. If i had a nice library, i could reuse all kind of stuff to make amazing models.

Examples for reusable stuff:
* rounded cubes
* fixation / clipping mechanics to stick multiple parts together
* making holes for mounting standarized parts

But thats not all smiling smiley
I made a precompiler application, that scans your scad models for functions with a certain pattern and automatically includes the corresponding sourcecode from the online library. You just need to specify your model directory once and the compiler watches out for changes.

Take a look: []

The sourcecode of the client (aka compiler) and the server is made in python and released under GPLv2. (plz fork and contribute smiling smiley)
Compiler Code: []
Server Code: []

Currently, there are many issues, that prevents this programm from beeing "good". (see [] issues chapter).
But I just wanted get opinions before investing too much time into this project.
Also it's biggest issue is: There is no content yet grinning smiley (except that arduino function)

What do you think?
Would you use it?
Try it! smiling smiley
Would you like to contribute? (see Issues)
Do you think this has a future?
If it don't work for you, please create an issue on [] if your problem isn't there already

kind regards, Phaiax
Re: OpenSCAD Seamless, an online module library
January 11, 2014 01:09AM
How I might not be an expert on 3D design, I love the fact people like yourself are finding ways to save us all time and money. Thank you sir!

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