3D scanners and repraps in Ottawa
November 08, 2015 03:44PM
Just wondering if there is anybody in the Ottawa area with interest in making a 3D scanner? I willing to make one by myself but I wouldn't mind having a bit of collaboration on making it.
It helps to get through the tricky bits when you have somebody else to work with...

Thinking of this model but am open to others:

FreeLSS Raspberry Pi controlled 3D scanner

I would fabricate my own structure (and possibly a 2nd or 3rd for a small group) as I have a fairly well equipped workshop. I'm not a fan of printed parts for large structures - I prefer metal. I would probably have to stay with raspberry Pi and camera hardware as I am not too familiar with Raspberry Pi or the programming. Stepper motors are not a problem though - lots of experience there...

Any interest?

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