Documentation task #0017
January 17, 2010 04:09AM
Just a minor question...

In the process of building our Darwin, we've made a minor design improvement (adding a slot to the diagonal brace parts, which makes assembly easier, reduces part print time, and significantly loosens required tolerances on this part). I know attention is focused on Mendel now, but we may as well post this. Would it go in:
[] (which should be renamed Darwin_Variations, I guess)
[] (likewise smiling smiley )
or the nonexistent [] page?

Sorry to spam... smiling smiley


Tack it up under Darwin/Patch, and we library gnomes will sort it out.

It's not spam, it's a patch. If we ignore patches and bug reports, we either sink, or roaches run off with our picnic baskets. smiling smiley

And honestly, it sounds really cool.

So thanks!

That reminds me. We need a bug reporting system, and we need user/builders and developers to formally steward parts of the project.

Documentation task #0017
Sun Jan 17 04:11:37 EST 2010

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