February 04, 2010 07:23AM
Is per thread moderation a desirable feature ??

As the community is getting very large and the number of participants continues to grow is there a need to introduce per thread moderation, where the thread initiator is the default moderator ??

Keeping a conversation on topic without moderation in this teaming climate is starting to become difficult.

In an ideal world good online manners are sufficient:-

*Read the thread and make sure you are on topic before jumping in, usually the first item posted is what the initiator wanted to talk about,
*where something is flagged as off topic, stop typing about it.
*if the point you wanted to raise has already been done to death, do not flogging the dead horse, your not adding any value.
*if what you want to type has already been flagged as off topic do not attempt to restart it.
*If you think there is an issue that you really want to discuss that is off topic, start your own thread and indicate in the original you have branched a conversation to do this.

These good manners appear to be functioning less and less. Arguably to the detriment of open and free discussion aimed at achieving progress. (Consensus is an early casualty)

Which prompts the question of is per thread moderation a desirable feature ?? As a solution to the above.

The suggestion here is not that someone gets landed with policing the whole forum, or that free speech is prevented (if you don't like that your poor manners were moderated, go start your own thread) simply that each thread initiator has the option if they choose to use it to moderate the thread and keep it on topic.


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